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15th January

I am not in the best humour as I write these lines. This morning, Jennifer looked out of the window, and asked me why the side door of my van was open? I went outside with a feeling of foreboding, because I was sure that I had locked the vehicle after returning from the Farmers’ Market yesterday afternoon; usually I go back to Moyns Park and unload, but as it was so chilly I didn’t think that anything in the van would hurt overnight

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The Langham walled garden from the skyHome for Langham Herbs is a historic walled kitchen garden located down a leafy lane in deepest Suffolk. Within the confines of the walls are grown the freshest seasonal vegetables and herbs using environmentally sympathetic cultural methods.

Langham Herbs is Phil Mizen's mid-life crisis! After 23 years in the electronics industry he became disillusioned with corporate life and concluded that it was time to do something completely different with his life. Having always been an enthusiastic amateur horticulturalist he decided that he should try to make a living from a pursuit that he actually enjoyed. Phil embarked on a horticultural degree course at Writtle College which was interrupted by the opportunity to take on the walled garden at Langham Hall. He grasped the nettle and has never regretted taking on the challenge.

We grow a wide range of seasonal vegetables which go in to our home delivered veg boxes, and a selection of both culinary and decorative herbs that are sold from the garden, and also at the nearby farmers market held at Wyken Vineyards every Saturday morning.

Our vegetable 'box scheme' is unlike most others, in that we allow you to choose the contents of your box from an availability list that is updated every week. There is however an option for you to select a standard box if you prefer the odd surprise. Everything is grown without the use of pesticides or manufactured fertilizers, preferring a more natural and sustainable approach to food production.

Explore this site to find out more about what we do, how, and where we do it, and then find out if we deliver to your area. Add Langham Herbs to your list of favourite web sites and return often to read the 'Compost' journal, which will keep you up to date with the latest news. You can also view the regularly updated vegetable availability list, and check on the calendar of events.

Lovely Jubbly this week
Apple juice - Moyns Park
- Bramley - Dry
£2.50 75cl bottle
Cabbage - Red
- Small
£0.90 each
Cabbage - Savoy£1.20 each
Kale - red£1.30 250g
Mushrooms - Chestnut£1.60 250g
Potatoes 'Sante'
- Good all-rounder
£2.20 2.5kg
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